Insurance for your entire family

Shopping for individual health insurance for your spouse or coverage for your whole family is easy with MyConsumerLink. Our affordable health plans can give your family access to a broad range of benefits, providers and deductibles to fit your budget.


MyConsumerLink Insurance Exchange/Marketplace. The MyConsumerLink Insurance Exchange/Marketplace is a private medical insurance exchange where you can browse and purchase health insurance plans. These plans have been chosen to create a line of health insurance products to help protect you and your family.

The MyConsumerLink Insurance Exchange/Marketplace is an online store, where you can review health plans to compare costs and benefits and ultimately enroll in a medical plan that best suits your needs. There is an array of insurance options available from top carriers. Our goal is to ensure that we provide top quality health insurance plans at the most affordable cost.

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  • $100
    per mo.

    Female, 31yrs in Michigan applied for CoPay Select Value-10000 with HumanaOne

    per mo.

    Oklahoma City, OK, 33 year old mother of two children (non-smoker) applied for the $5000 deductible “Plan 80” with United Health One

    per mo.

    Female, 53 yrs, in Georgia applied for Individual health insurance plan with Humana’s Enhanced $2500.

  • $84
    per mo.

    Male, 27yrs, smoker from Washington applied for Catastrophic Plan with Assurant.

    per mo.

    Denver, CO couple, late 40's, 1 adult child - Assurant Core Med 50000 (PPO)

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    Female, 45yrs, smoker, in Connecticut applied for Saver 80 with UnitedHealthOne.